Amigos, we are happy to announce we are ready to get our stuff presented. We’re opening a new page for our art tandem, @alexandermaev & @zensonic , with a new name of the musical project:
IIOI — Two of One.
This name is closer to us for its brevity and the versatile meanings of the idea. It coins the right meaning for the music&lyrics alloy with which have been embellishing this world, hopefully😎
More details will be revealed within the next couple of weeks, so please keep an eye on our account. Sign up if you haven’t yet. We do have a lot to say and show to you guys, since we’ve gone into an active song writing phase!
Whole lotta love to this world!
Two Of One


f we were asked what we focus more in our songs, music or lyrics?
We would definitely answer that both do matter. The world seems to be far out these days and we do want to retain a bit of a Real sense. We all do need to show the good side of ours and come to terms to grow up as human beings. The trends are mostly opposite to this idea, and we are so behind the fashion.🤓
We still cherish the thought that our ideas lead us to a better world, full of love, full of sense and care for each other.
If you’re on the same vibe, join us here.
We do need soulmates! 🖐😘



Recently Alexander has mainly been working on soundtracks for full-length films («Mermaid. The Lake of the Dead», «…») and several TV-series for the leading Russian TV channels.

Another significant recent creative act is a collab project named Two of One Production, — a producer group that Alexander founded together with his co-author, Sergei Khovansky. It aims at the global pop scene with ideas and capacities arraged for high-flying goals. Song writing has always been a big part of Alexander’s artistic life. The songs made at Two of One Production are made for vocalists and bands working at the cutting edge of the actual music industry.



In 2018 Alex Maev founded a new production unit together with Sergei Khovansky which they gave an ambitious name of

Two of One Production.

It’s an international multi-vocalist project focused on top-notch pop songs backed up by highly artistic video content created by masters of the movie industry.

The deepest impressions and emotions contained at the early years of acquaintance with best musical acts of 1980’s and 1990’s combined with the firm grasp of actual sound engineering and vast production experience of Alex doubled with a very similar background of Sergei,  they are expected to give a rise to several new names at the musical world scene the nearest time.


There is about ten songs in progress at present featuring various vocalists and collab artists to show the diversity of the outputs of Two of One Production

“The Yellow Moon” – a track inspired by a movie “Mermaid. The Lake of the Dead” which will be first shown in September, 2018.

This track opened an apparently long way for collaboration between Two of One and Yana Blinder as a vocalist.

Yana, being one of the most flamboyant discoveries within the Voice show, will appear in 2 more tracks of the project, which will take their listeners to sound journey in a totally different direction.